Ship Shows                           

South West Ship Show 

Sat 28 April 2018  10.00 - 16.00

BAWA Social Club, 589 Southmead Road, BRISTOL, BS34 7RG

North West Ship Show

Sat 29 September 2018  10.00 - 15.30

Old Christ Church, Waterloo Road, Waterloo, LIVERPOOL, L22 1RE

We thank all exhibitors, traders and visitors who attended the South West Ship Show in our new location at the BAWA Club in north Bristol. We are delighted to have had so many positive comments about the new venue.  We are looking forward to building the show further in this location in future years.

We now look forward to seeing as many traders, exhibitors and visitors as possible at the show in Liverpool at the end of September. 

The NORTH WEST SHOW will be on Saturday 29 September 2018 in its usual venue, Old Christ Church, Waterloo L22 1RE. Forms will be made available to traders and exhibitors who usually attend this event very shortly. Meantime please reserve the date. We will all be there. Please make sure that you and your friends are there too.

Please email or for further information in due course.